on becoming a parent!

You want to give your baby the best possible start in life.

But, to do that, you need reliable, expert information about TONS OF TOPICS you NEVER EVEN HEARD ABOUT in school.  Sure, there's information out there, but let's face it, doctor visits are too short, parenting books are too long, and the internet is overwhelming! 

Trying to sort through all of that to find practical guidance is PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. 

That's one reason why PARENTS of infants and toddlers often feel ALONE  and UNSUPPORTED.  Instead of knowing the answers to the hundreds of questions they have, they make a guess and hope for the best.

If you're like me (Dr. Peggy) when I had my babies I turned to family and friends for advice.  Most people do.  But here's A FACT: The last 30 years of research into INFANT BRAIN DEVELOPMENT has provided us with CLEAR ANSWERS about what all babies need to thrive.  And when we say ALL BABIES - we mean babies of all races, ethnicities, income group or zip codes.  

Since MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT TRAINED in infant brain development (not you, not grandma, or your best friend) you need to ASK YOURSELFWhile you may THINK you know what is best for your child's optimal growth and development, is it REALLY helping them to become the bright, happy, healthy child that you want them to be?  And, HOW DO YOU KNOW?
Here at Words To Grow On, we understand the feeling of uncertainty that all parents have, because we've been there.  We also know what parents want.
  • You want your baby to get exactly what they need (from you, and all who care for and love your baby) in order to grow strong, smart, happy, and healthy.
  • You want to worry less and enjoy your baby more.
  • You want clear, expert advice you can use quickly and easily.
  • You want your friends and family to all be on the same page with you, and share your understanding of what all babies need, and when.
Words To Grow On is a new business dedicated to helping parents and caregivers increase baby's IQ and improve their chances in life with tools and techniques that range from the "tried and true" to the newest 21st century technology.   

We're pioneering a new way of reaching parents with the information and support you need and want, at a time and place that's convenient for you.   Click here to learn more

Becoming a parent is  an adventure of a lifetime.  Why just wing it, when it can be wonderful!