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Parties with a Purpose
Becoming a parent is an amazing time of hope, joy and wonder. But stress and worry also come with it.
Our goal at Words To Grow On is for you to worry less and enjoy your baby more.  We're on a mission to ensure that every parent has the information, skills, and support they need to be able to give their baby the best start in life. 

And, we want to provide you with information that is easy to access, understand and use.   So we've come up with a plan - a party plan!   A party that's fun, INFORMATIVE, and social.  What's more, a party that is:

Convenient (you choose time & place)
Informal (be yourself, come as you are)
Painless (no shame, blame or judgement)
Easy (cookies anyone?)
Free (although you MAY want to buy some cool products)

We are calling these parties Heart to Hearts, because the focus is on connecting with each other, with your baby, and with the movitations and feelings you have about parenthood.

"Heart to Heart" parties are designed to be engaging, fun, and informal experiences.  They can be held in private homes or community settings. We have turned the science of early development into easy games and activities that help parents explore their hopes and dreams for the future and discover the proactive steps they can take to help their babies reach their full potential.  

Because it takes a village, we encourage parents to invite, family, friends (and everyone who loves your baby), so they can all participate, learn, and celebrate baby's potential together.
We will also introduce amazing products that will help YOU support your baby's development.  Click here for information about our wonderful (and growing) array of offerings.
If You Have a Baby, or One on the Way . . .
     Heart to Hearts address ages and stages from newborn to preschoolers, but we will also be offering special themes or events for specific groups such as fathers and grandparents.   
     If you have a baby in the house, or have one on the way, then it's time to have a Heart to HeartThere is no better way to celebrate babies and enjoy the social support of others while tuning-up your talents as baby's first teacher. 
     Check out our offerings below to see which Heart to Heart is right for you and your child!
A Sampler of Heart to Hearts
A Heart to Heart Warm Up -  Is there a shower coming up?  We'll come by with a small gift and a quick, introductory activity that is both fun and heart-warming.   Before we leave we'll set up a specific time and date for when everyone can get back together to meet the baby and learn all about building baby's brain!
A Heart to Heart About Building Baby's Brain - From birth to 18 months, a baby's brain nearly triples in size!  At this session you'll find out the fundamentals of early brain development, and discover the difference between brain BOOSTERS and brain BUSTERS.
A Heart to Heart About Talking Toddlers - The period from 18 - 36 months is a time of ENORMOUS growth in baby's vocabulary and language skills.  This time in baby's life actually sets the stage for school readiness.  We'll help you take advantage of this critical time so your baby's word EXPLOSION is absolutely ground-shaking!
A Heart to Heart About Play, Preschool and Having a Plan - Up to HALF of all children entering Kindergarten aren't ready with the skills they need to succeed.  Knowing what those are and how you can easily and playfully help your child develop them is an essential part of parenting.
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We are currently scheduling Heart to Heart home parties in the Central Arkansas area (but other regions will be coming soon!).

We are all about doing Heart to Hearts at times and places that are convenient to YOU.  Still, we do get booked.  Our current availability is below. We will update it regularly.   We are available mornings, afternoons, or evenings.

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